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Industry leading commercial building restoration products specifically designed for glass surfaces such as windows and doors.

Windows on commercial buildings get severely stained due to various environmental conditions.  The conditions that the architectural glass is subjected to can lead to surface damage, effectively etching the glass material. This often prevents the glass from being cleaned or restored by conventional means. When glass has experienced corrosion, often referred to “stage 2 corrosion” the glass must be resurfaced in order to effectively remove the damage. We have developed a system to effectively sand down the surface of the glass, removing the stains, and renewing a highly polished surface. Presto’s Glass ReSurfacer System is specifically designed for this type of application. After performing glass restoration, a high performance protective treatment should be installed, creating a polymeric barrier on the new glass surface. This barrier will help prevent future damage.


Glass ReSurfacer® Final Polish

Glass ReSurfacer® Pad

Glass ReSurfacer® Backer Pad

EnviRestore® Glass Stain Remover

Glass ReSurfacer® Stripper


Glass Defender® MD

Glass Defender® HD