Glass Protection Products




Exterior architectural glass surfaces are particularly susceptible to damage. When left unprotected these sensitive surfaces can be quickly damaged as a result of exposure to a number of varying environmental conditions. Glass Defender installs a high performance barrier between the glass surface and damaging environmental conditions.
Glass Defender is a combination of products designed for the protection of architectural glass surfaces. The polymers in Glass Defender are high performance hybrid silicone materials. These materials are partially inorganic, and will not easily break down due to UV degradation. Typical glass protective treatments, on the other hand, consist of organic polymers that quickly break down when exposed to UV degradation.

The polymers in our protective treatments cure, bonding to the glass surface, where they will remain almost indefinitely; unless physically or chemically abraded.

Once the glass surface is restored and protected, it should be routinely cleaned with copasetic maintenance products in order to ensure that the coatings are not damaged.

While Glass Defender is extremely durable, and can withstand common window cleaning detergents, soaps and chemicals, not every cleaning material has been tested in order to confirm compatibility with the protective treatment.

Before applying a protective treatment ensure glass is prepared in accordance with recommendations.