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Our industry leading commercial building restoration and protection products have been used and proven effective on projects across the country.

While buildings are seamlessly constructed using glass, metal and stone materials, each of these requires unique products to preserve the original appearance. Without proper protection, the exterior surfaces become damaged or deteriorated, and building restoration is the only option to recover their appearance and maintain structural integrity. Selecting the right restoration products will significantly decrease building expenses over time and keep your structure protected for decades. 

Unlike other companies that offer solutions for only one surface material, we specializes in glass, metal and stone. Understanding how these building materials interact and affect one another is the key to a successful restoration project. Presto has over 25 years of experience restoring and preserving all architectural surfaces. We are well-versed in every kind of exterior damage and know what products are needed to renew each type of surface

Glass Restoration Products

Glass ReSurfacer Final Polish
Glass ReSurfacer Stripper
EnviRestore Glass Stain Remover
Scumfree Window Cleaning Concentrate
Glass ReSurfacer Backer Pad


Glass ReSurfacer Pad

Glass Protection Products

Glass Defender

Metal Restoration Products

Metal ReSurfacer
EnviRestore Metal Stain Remover
EnviRestore MSR Foam Pad 6″


Metal Protection Products

Metal Protector MD
Metal Protector HD

Stone Restoration Products

Stone Restore PS (Polished Stone)
Stone Restore HD (Heavy Duty)
Stone Restore CB2 (Chlorine Bleach)

Stone Protection Products

Leach Stop