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Leach Stop – 5 Gallon Pail

Leach Stop is an invisible, protective barrier that helps to prevent architectural precast, GFRC, concrete and natural stone surfaces from leaching minerals onto adjacent glass and metal surfaces which causes stains.  This product protects the stone surfaces from water penetration. This product is designed for high-performance building restoration and preservation applications. Leach Stop Carries a 10 Year Warranty.

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This product is an invisible, film-forming, UV-resilient, breathable, penetrating sealer. It is designed to penetrate the surface and react with the silica within the stone, expanding and filling microscopic cracks and crevices in the material to create a long-lasting repellency to oil, water, and waterborne stains.
The primary function of this product is to help prevent precast from leaching minerals onto adjacent glass and metal frames in multi-story buildings with flush-mounted windows. This product is created from a proprietary blend of partially inorganic polymers, and therefore will not degrade like inferior, conventional stone sealers.
Conventional sealers leach degrading materials from the surfaces on which they are applied. Furthermore, Leach Stop protects surfaces from water erosion, which contributes to stains when minerals are carried down onto architectural surfaces. Surfaces treated with this product can easily be cleaned using deionized water.
Leach Stop should be used after the precast concrete cleaning process to help close the pores of the precast material (while still allowing a breathable surface), to prevent the penetration of water, oils, and environmental pollutants which act together to create stains. Leach Stop will help keep precast cleaner for longer and help to protect from water damage, therefore, prolonging the life of the material.


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  • Mitigates leaching and efflorescence
  • Excellent UV stability
  • Can withstand extreme temperature fluctuations
  • Creates a breathable surface
  • Excellent beading capabilities
  • Enables newness retention
  • The surface stays cleaner for longer
  • Strong surface bonding capability
  • Prevents surface wetting or darkening
  • Suitable on polished stone and dense surfaces
  • Long-lasting sealer will not degrade or leach
  • Helps to protect against graffiti
  • Low odor
  • Long-lasting protection
  • Invisible protection
  • Stain-resistant
  • Easy to use


LeachStop was designed for use on precast, concrete, and natural architectural stone.


LeachStop can be used for horizontal and vertical surfaces. Horizontal surfaces may need reapplication sooner than vertical surfaces.


1,250 – 2,000 Feet Per 5 Gallon Pail

Leach Stop Product Info Chart
Solvent Solvent Based
Flammable Yes
User Friendly No
Economically Efficient Yes
Environmentally Friendly No
Color Clear
Smell Petroleum


Complete all caulking and surrounding construction substrate applications before using this product. Newly installed stone or grout must be allowed to cure before application. 

Protect against personal contact with this and all chemical products. Always test in a small, inconspicuous area before use. Ensure the stone is completely clean and free from all dirt, staining, and biological growth using any of Presto’s stone cleaning products. Make sure to thoroughly rinse the material to ensure no cleaning product is left behind on the surface before sealing. Any cleaning product left on the surface can interfere with the protective coating.  Never apply to a damp or wet surface. Do not apply at below-freezing temperatures. Protect any unintended areas.


In many instances, a combination of different stone cleaning products is necessary for various stone surfaces depending on their level and type of staining. Presto offers a complete line of stone cleaning products for all situations, including:

  • Stone Restore CT A citrus multi-purpose stone cleaner that removes oil and a variety of stains
  • Stone Restore CB2 For difficult to remove biological stains
  • Stone Restore PS For stubborn surface contamination on all types of polished stone

Application Instructions

Use a low-pressure sprayer, roller, brush, sponge, or lambs wool applicator. The product may also be back rolled. Do not dilute; apply full strength. Apply the product to create an even coat on the surface. Allow product to saturate the surface. Do not allow the product to pool on the surface and dry, or protection will be uneven and a residue may form. Remove excess material with a rag or towel. A second coat may be needed for porous, absorbent surfaces or for superior protection. Subsequent coats should be applied in the same manner as the first while the initial application is drying. Never apply a second coat if two coats were not tested and approved before use.

Protection will start to begin immediately after the product dries on the surface. Cure time for maximum water and stain protection is 24-72 hours. Protect the surface from contact with water for at least 48 hours. Application rates, concentration, temperature, and humidity can impact dry and cure time.


Clean tools and equipment with mineral spirits. In the event Leach Stop is allowed to come in contact with adjacent surfaces, dries and is difficult to remove, use any of the following surface restoration products:

  • EnviRestore Glass Stain Remover
  • EnviRestore Metal Stain Remover
  • Stone Restore PS Polished Stone Stain Remover Cream


For ongoing maintenance of the protected surface, we recommend the use of heated deionized water. Apply water and scrub with a soft bristle if necessary to remove build-up. Then gently rinse the surface clean with low pressure. For exterior vertical surfaces, we recommend cleaning the surface every 2-3 years to retain a clean appearance and preserve the previous restoration. High pressure is not needed and may damage the surface coating or weaken its performance. This maintenance cleaning is not mandatory to ensure the coating will last as stated in the warranty and is only a recommendation.

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After cleaning or sealing stone surfaces, the glass windows and metal frames almost always need to be cleaned, and many times window spots and stains will need to be removed as well. View our glass and metal products that complement our stone restoration and protection products.
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  • Glass Defender
  • EnviRestore Metal Stain Remover

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