Metal Resurfacer Case


1 Case (12 Quarts)

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Metal ReSurfacer Case (12 Quarts)

Metal ReSurfacer is a nano abrasive product that restores metal and anodized aluminum surfaces commonly found on architectural window mullions.

This product effectively removes stage 1 and 2 corrosion as well as stains caused by mineral deposits, including silicates, calcium, lime, magnesium, rust, salts, efflorescence, high mineral content tap or well water. This system also removes damage from architectural metal and anodized aluminum surfaces caused by surface scratches, oxidation, ion exchange, water erosion, soap scum, oils, etching, chemical burns including acid and acid rain, adhesive stains, water repellant overspray, leaching, caulking or coating residue, exhaust fumes, everyday grime and buildup, as well as other flaws.
This product will remove oxidation from anodized aluminum window frames.
In order to effectively use this product to remove metal surface damage such as corrosion, you will also need the following equipment:  
  • Polisher
  • ReSurfacer® Backer Pad – 6″
  • ReSurfacer® 6″ Pad

This product may also be used with a random orbital sander for light to medium metal stain removal.

This product can be used with a rag, microfiber towel or white non abrasive synthetic pad to remove very light staining.


  • Environmentally safe
  • Removes a variety of stains and corrosion
  • Fights grease and grime
  • Acid-free
  • Contains no harsh abrasives
  • Water-based
  • Cost-effective
  • Non-greasy


This product is formulated for use on architectural metal and anodized aluminum surfaces.


Following restoration, we recommend the application of Presto’s Metal Protector® product to seal the metal and preserve the restoration investment.


250 – 500 sq. ft per quart

Metal ReSurfacer Product Info Chart
Solvent Water Based
Flammable No
User Friendly Yes
Economically Efficient Yes
Environmentally Friendly Yes
Color White
Smell None


  • ReSurfacer Pad
  • ReSurfacer Backer Pad (Hook & Loop)
  • Variable Speed Motorized Polisher or Random Orbital Sander
  • Spray bottle
  • Cleaning bucket
  • Cleaning brush
  • Microfiber towels
  • Painter’s masking tape
  • Small particle dust mask
  • Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI) and electrical cord


Always test on a small, inconspicuous area prior to use. Surface must be cleaned to remove any dirt or sand that may scratch the metal. It is extremely important that the application pad or rag used with this product is never contaminated with these types of abrasives.

To use this product on previously cleaned surfaces, apply with a white, synthetic, non-abrasive pad or one of Presto’s ReSurfacer Pads.

This product will produce a final finish on the metal. Use this product in conjunction with a motorized variable speed polisher or random orbital sander, backer pad, specialized ReSurfacer pad and a spray bottle for lubrication. Always use a GFI when using electricity in close proximity to water. Clean the metal with a brush and squeegee to remove any loose dirt or debris from the  surface. Dry surrounding areas and apply masking tape to areas which may receive overspray for easy cleanup. Use masking tape to isolate the intended working area. Do not leave tape on the building overnight.


Always mix product by shaking or stirring well before use. A small amount of product has a large coverage area.

In many circumstances, this product can be used without a motorized polisher by applying a small amount of product with a white, synthetic, nonabrasive pad and agitating the surface until the stain is removed. Use water to keep the surface lubricated.

For aggressive stains, place a small amount of Metal ReSurfacer on the ReSurfacer Pad, making sure to fill all holes in the pad, as it is designed to retain the product.

The motorized polisher should be operated at a medium speed to keep the product from spraying off of the pad and onto unintended surfaces. Operate the polisher pressing firmly on the metal until the stain is completely removed. Use a spray bottle with pure water to lubricate and cool the pad. The use of suction cups allows the technician to stabilize oneself or the swing stage so that effective pressure can be applied to the metal during this process.

The working surface must be kept moist using a spray bottle containing water, preferably deionized. The consistency of the product should be a milky paste. The product should not drip down the surface and should not cake on the pad. Full product potential is reached when the perfect amount of product and water are worked together on the metal. Experimentation is necessary to learn the perfect mixture for your specific application.

Never allow any contamination in the form of dirt of sand to come in contact with the pad or the product. Stop frequently to examine performance, and ensure there is no scratching due to contamination. Never allow the ReSurfacer Pad or polisher to touch the ground or any surface with dirt or dust. If you notice circular pattern scratches in the surface, you have contaminated the pad or the product. If this happens, clean the pad to remove contamination.

Dry buffing or lack of water during the application will cause the product to cake up, and the pad will develop a buildup of material and slow the resurfacing process. Use a stainless steel or copper (nonrusting) wire brush to remove excess material from the pad, and continue restoration. It is necessary to clean the pad 3 to 6 times per hour to maximize efficiency of the process. To clean the ReSurfacer pad, operate the polisher upside down on slow and apply the wire brush to the pad starting at the center and slowly moving towards the end of the pad until the entire pad is cleaned. Use the waterfilled spray bottle to rinse the pad and continue working. Maximum efficiency is experienced just after cleaning the pad. If you experience a slowing or halt of performance, stop and clean the pad as described above.

Only qualified individuals should attempt to use this system. Using a random orbital sander in replacement of the variable speed polisher will reduce the possibility of scratches; however, the metal resurfacing process may take longer and may not work as well on heavily stained surfaces. Consulting and training are available from Presto.

For faster working times, have all equipment readily available to enable continuous operation. Use a small bottle of the Metal ReSurfacer which can be placed in a pocket or tool belt for easy access. Use a spray bottle which can be attached to the technician so that the pad can remain on the metal while water or additional product is applied to the working surface.


  • Each type of metal has slightly different characteristics and temperaments. This product has been tested on most, but not all, types of metal. Individual testing is required to ensure the effectiveness of this product prior to use. Always examine test areas in direct sunlight from multiple angles.
  • Respiratory equipment (fine particle dust mask) is required while using Metal ReSurfacer. Take precautions to avoid inhalation of dry dust from this product. This product is designed for professional use and should only be used by a qualified individual.


The information provided by Presto for the safe and effective use of this product, and all of our products, is believed to be good and accurate. However, due to the many different possible applications of this product, careful considerations should be made when selecting its suitability for each surface.
The information provided should never be substituted for individual testing to ensure the product’s compatibility with each surface intended for use. The purchaser shall assume all responsibility for determining the suitability of this product. When used as intended, this product will perform as stated. No other warranty can be made for this product, verbally or written.
Presto warrants this product to be free from defects. In the event this product is found to be defective, we will provide a sufficient amount of product to replace the defective product.

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