EnviRestore MSR Foam Pad 6″


EnviRestore MSR Foam Pad 6″ – 1 Pad

EnviRestore MSR Foam Pad is used with EnviRestore MSR and Metal ReSurfacer products.

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The EnviRestore MSR Foam Pad is designed to be used with the EnviRestore MSR to produce a finer finish for softer specialty-coated surfaces such as PVDF or Polyester paints commonly found on aluminum composite panels.

The EnviRestore MSR Foam Pad comes in 6″ size and has a hook and loop backing to be used with Presto’s backer pad is 6″ wide. This pad can be used with a Variable Speed Polisher or a random orbital sander.

This pad may used with the EnviRestore MSR or the Metal ReSurfacer
The foam material has dimples on the surface that help to hold the product during polishing and allow for more efficient use of the product.
Always clean the pad before use.

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